We are passionate about protecting and preserving our natural environment and environmental conversation goes hand in hand with our commitment to responsible tourism. We try to bring you the best of sustainable local craftsmanship that is both environmentally friendly and tasteful. You will see this manifested in the design of our lodges, the layout of our properties. Our philosophy is one of mindful contemplation and choosing to be environmentally friendly in all our activities.

We care for the environment

Our commitment to environmental conservation is sincere and so we have implemented a number of checks and balances to ensure minimal disturbance on the surrounding natural landscape. The energy we require is generated through our solar-power. In order to balance our carbon footprintfootprint,we ensure at least 70% of the property remains forested and conduct seasonal tree planting which increases the vegetation on the land each year. Our property is a strictly no-plastic zone. We provide our guests with fresh filtered water in their rooms and common areas and we ask our guests to please be mindful of their plastic consumption habits, ensuring they take back any single-use plastics with them when they leave. 

We build with sustainable material

Our roofs are built with locally harvested and treated sustainable bamboo grown on our sister properties. Most of our cottages and villas are built using locally sourced sustainable material such as mud-brick, illuk and talipot fronds. We use salvaged material like doors and windows whenever possible. Our furniture is made by local artisans on site at our Wellness Retreat using locally sourced timber or family heirlooms.

We grow most of our own food

We grow our own seasonal organic fruit and vegetables right here on our property. The fertilizer is our own compost which we create using garden and kitchen waste. We do not use any chemical pesticides and rely on traditional methods to drive out unwanted pests and animals away from our harvest. Our organic bounty includes banana, papaya, guava, woodapple, mulberry, mango, pomegranate, sour sop, custrd apple, lime, lemon, melon, beans, wingbeans, spinach, long beans, passionfruit, eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin, ginger, turmeric, manioc, sweet potato, papaya, chillieschilies, woodapple, mulberry, massan,mango and more.

We make delicious and nourishing food

Our meals are always served garden to tablewith most of the fresh produce coming straight from our organic harvests. Our resident chef prepares some of the best Sri Lankan food you will find on the island,including some age old recipes which have now disappeared from urban areas and only found amongst local villages.

We practice traditional healing techniques

Sri Lanka has an ancient past and our indigenous traditional healing methods are over 3,00 years old. Ancient Sri Lankans enjoyed healthy lives with extended longevity thanks to a balanced integration of nourishing and healing foods, herbal medicine and traditional Ayurveda medicines including tinctures and poultices as well as massages and physical movements. We practice these traditional healing methods every day and our herbal teas and tinctures are mostly made using locally grown and harvested medicines right here on the property.