Our wellness retreat in Kahandamodara was created out of a desire to share our passion for holistic wellness and nature. The restorative and transformative powers of nature are now well known and more and more people seek to reconnect with nature in order to destress, detox and unplug from the stresses of modern life. 

We hope to offer you an unforgettable stay complete with all the familiar comforts of our eco-retreats, enhanced by an authentic connection to our beautiful natural surroundings where you can practice Yoga and experience the benefits of Sri Lanka’s famous traditional Ayurveda treatments while you heal and nourish your body and embark on your journey into wellness. 

Here at the wellness retreat you can enjoy the therapeutic powers of nature as part of your wellness journey. Discover the benefits of grounding, breath in the fresh air purified by giant trees, let your body? soak in the warm rays of the sun, lay back and listen to nature’s symphony of bird songs, wind rustling in the leaves, the distant ocean waves and at night you can stare up at the night sky full of stars – it’s the perfect setting for total relaxation.