We believe wellness is not simply being free from illness, it is an ongoing process of making mindful choices and understanding the needs of your physical body and mind.

We are lucky to enjoy relatively slow lives in Sri Lanka and from a young age we have understood the healing powers of our natural world. Our wellness retreat was born from an urge to share our knowledge with others and a need to create a space where people from all walks of life, from every continent can come and experience the restorative powers of nature, blended with traditional Sri Lankan healing methods which focus on holistic treatments for the mind, body, and spirit.

Nature therapy:

Our Wellness Retreat in Kahandamodara is a special place where you can experience and enjoy the restorative powers of nature – nature is a timeless healer and immersing yourself in it will bring you many therapeutic benefitsboth physically and mentally.

  • Clean air: come away from the dustbowl of the modern city life and let your lungs fill with clean air purified by the forest and the ocean

  • Grounding: how many hours of the day do your feet actually touch the ground you walk on? We have become so accustomed to wearing slippers and shoes that we have lost our close connection with the earth. Did you know that letting your feet come in contact with the ground has many health and wellness benefits such as reducing inflammation, decreasing stress levels, improving sleep and more? Ground your feet on the soft medicinal Udupiyaliyagrass, the sandy walkways or the pebbled garden paths and feel the difference within.

  • Vitamin D: most humans living the busy modern lifestyle are chronically low in vitamin D which can result in depression, soft bones and poor overall health.? Spending at least 2 1 – 3 2 hours in the sun in the morning is recommended for optimal wellbeing and the gardens at our wellness Wellness retreat Retreat are perfect for morning walks and yoga while you restore your vitamin D. 

  • Sounds of nature: Natural sounds and green environments have been linked with relaxation and well-being for hundreds thousands of years. Bird calls, ocean waves in the distance, wind gently moving through the trees, these are the sounds that will fall on your ears at our wellness Wellness retreat Retreat. As many know these sounds of nature are the ultimate stress relief for most adults and why certain sounds like the sound of rain, ocean waves are the ideal background noises for mindful meditation.