4 Bedrooms

Garden Bungalow and Cottage:

Set in a gentle green lawn that rolls down to the scrub and pasture, our Siyambala Bungalow and Kohomba Cottage are ideal for families and those who love to watch peacocks dancing on the open lawns.

Siyambala Bungalow:

Named after the Siyambala or Tamarind tree that shades the entrance, is an open format bungalow with four spacious bedrooms and open areas for relaxing and dining at two levels.  Siyambala can accommodate 10 adults and can be reserved as a single unit.  The large open spaces are specially designed with families and friends in mind.  As with our other bungalows, we have added a pantry with a fridge which is particularly useful for families with young children. 

The four bedrooms vary in character. Two secure rooms by the dining area are ideal for kiddies and grandparents. The upstair room with the stars coming in, is almost a honeymoon space, or for dreamy teenagers.  The room down the corridor is almost self-contained with a little verandah and extra sleeping in the attic.